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How it Works

Through this Empresa na Hora initiative, you will be able to set up a “one-man” company, a private limited company or a PLC, on the spot, at just one desk. The process of setting up companies through this initiative is extremely simple, as illustrated below:

diagram in english

Procedure for incorporating a firm:

1. Choose a name from the list of pre-approved names given on this site, or check the list that is available at the Empresa na hora desk. The name chosen will only be kept when you get to the desk and start the setting-up process. And so the name that you want to use, even though it might be available on this site or on the list provided, may not be available when you arrive at the desk. A phrase alluding to the object of the company can always be added to the pre-approved name. For instance, if the chosen name is ‘ABCDE’, and the company is going to be involved in the catering sector, the name can be changed to ‘ABCDE- Catering’. From January 2006 it will be allowed the use of Certificates of Admissibility of a Name.

2. Choose one of the pre-approved standard memorandum and articles of association packs, available on this site and in the portfolio of packs available in the offices;

3. The members of the future company should go to an Empresa na hora desk to start the incorporation process. A list of available desks can be found in the Contacts area of this site.

Items needed

If the members of the future company are private individuals, they will need to take with them:

  • their Tax Identification Card;
  • an Identification document (identity card or passport).
  • their Social Security Card (optional)

In the case of legal persons/corporations, you will need to show:

  • the Legal/corporate person tax identification or identity card;
  • a current extract of the entry in the Commercial Registry;
  • the Minutes of the General Meeting granting powers of company incorporation.

This service costs 360.00¤. This amount is payable at the time of incorporation, in cash, ATM or certified or bank cheque or postal order, in either case payable to Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado, I.P.. Foreign cheques will not be accepted.

The memorandum and articles of association will be prepared and the registration of the company will be carried out there and then.

You will straightaway be issued with a copy of the entry in the commercial register, the legal/corporate person identification card and the social security number of the company.

As soon as the company is set up, you will be able to submit a Statement of Start-up of Activity at the help desk, for tax purposes, duly completed and signed by the Accountant. If you do not do this on the spot, it must be done within 15 days of the incorporation.

Within no more than 5 working days of incorporation, the members must deposit the sum of the share capital in any bank, in the name of the company.


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